not entirely reflected

Not Entirely Reflected

 “Not Entirely Reflected”

Acrylic on Canvas, 3 Panels of 14″ x 14″, March 2014

Commissioned by client Brenda Blair, this acrylic on canvas triptych is appropriately titled “Not Entirely Reflected”. Read more

art as a visual business card

Calm Openness 4Website

“Calm Openness”, Acrylic on Canvas, 48″ x 24″, December 2013.

One of the fun advantages of creating art is that past work can effectively function as a visual business card for attracting a wider audience and even lead to future sales and commissions. Read more

inspired by vancouver’s natural landscape

vancouver natural beauty landscape

“Steps”, Acrylic on Canvas, 30″ x 24″, October 2013

Vancouver is known for its stunning natural landscape. Both visitors and locals alike can attest to experiencing the connection and transition between land, sea, and sky. Read more