not entirely reflected

Not Entirely Reflected

 “Not Entirely Reflected”

Acrylic on Canvas, 3 Panels of 14″ x 14″, March 2014

Commissioned by client Brenda Blair, this acrylic on canvas triptych is appropriately titled “Not Entirely Reflected”. Brenda lives in the beautiful British Columbia city of Cranbrook, located in the Kootenays. Lakes and mountains are prevalent features of the city’s surrounding geography and are readily accessible to be enjoyed by many. On a clear calm day a mountain lake can almost perfectly reflect the adjacent landscape, thus creating a dual image for the human eye.

This duality of image could be compared to how the human mind reflects on life circumstances and situations. The mind is like the water, it creates its own interpretation of what it experiences. Depending on conditions, it could be an accurate reflection or become distorted. It is never truly an exact representation, but merely a recreation based on perception.

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