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Calm Openness 4Website

“Calm Openness”, Acrylic on Canvas, 48″ x 24″, December 2013.

One of the fun advantages of creating art is that past work can effectively function as a visual business card for attracting a wider audience and even lead to future sales and commissions.

‘Calm Openness’ is a commissioned piece created for client Mark Rozenberg, whose eye had been previously caught by the acrylic on canvas piece created for Mary and Lewis Grenier titled ‘Steps’. It was the combination of color and strong horizontal lines that appealed to Mark’s sensibility of modern interpretation of landscape.

Because past work can be so effective for reaching new clients and customers, it’s a great reminder how important it is for artists to document and promote their work in places where people can become new audience members. Client spaces, online galleries, real space galleries, artist websites, and artist studios are all venues to set the stage where past work can become a visual business card for artists.



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